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Having fell off the grid over the past two weeks where my fashion cravings were substituted with daily doses of tv dramas, what greets me when I check back in is DSquared2’s Resort 2012 Menswear collection.

Though not a brand I usually embrace given my quirky fashion preferences, the opulent use of colour fused with DSquared2’s rugged chic style appealed to the innate masculinity I never knew I possessed. But of course, I’m not about to start stocking up on cargo pants and bomber jackets.

Check out the dandy pieces I think is the perfect concoction of ruggedness + fashion from DSquared2’s Resort 2012 Menswear Collection. Pay special attention to the gorgeous multi-hued jacket and incredibly sexy short shorts. On second thought, the sleek vest and shirt combo paired with a cargo shorts is absolutely dapper!

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(Credit: F.Tape)