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"Everyone needs a pink suit right, I mean who doesn’t!", exclaimed my friend. That was her first reaction when she set eyes on the Versace x H&M Collection in the newspapers today. And I wondered, would I really want a pink suit if it wasn’t because it’s labelled "Versace x H&M"? 

For me, I actually did. In fact, I was practically scouring the web for the puurfect pink suit to adorn for my friend’s wedding, but the impracticality of it pulled me away in the end. That said, I’m pretty sure many have their eyes on this gorgeous hot pink suit simply because of its label and before this, it never crossed their minds that ‘Hey, a pink suit’s actually quite dapper!’  With that comes the phenomenal where you are swamped by a cloud of ‘pink people’ (no pun intended) on the streets of Singapore all donned in this same suit just because it’s Versace x H&M. 

That is one huge reason why I’m resisting really hard not to fall prey to temptation even though I really adore this monochromatic graphic shirt. Seeing the number of tweets and FB statuses going “OMG, this is love!!”, “I’m soo gonna get this” just makes me wonder if I’m the only one afraid of being caught wearing the same thing as three other guys on the streets. 

Then again, these are some really exquisite apparels with Versace’s signature style and design aesthetics. Has Versace x H&M convinced you enough to get your hands on the collection knowing that the chances of meeting someone with the same apparel is as high as 75%? Or is your strategy going to be just buying the not so iconic/recognizable yet sleek pieces from the collection?

Well, I definitely have yet decided mine. 

Practically approved by,


That was the first question that popped into my head when I saw this intriguing editorial spread by VMAN. What are we trying to prove when we adorn our favourite outfits and brave the harsh realities outside the four walls we call home?

Is it really just about making first impressions, or is it your way of loving yourself and showcasing that love to others? And if so, how much love it too much? Or is there even such a thing as loving yourself too much? What say you?

Check out the rest of the spread below. I especially love the close-up shot of model Jon Kortajarena in tears. Simple but intense. Now that’s what I call modelling.

Narcissistically approved by,

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(Credit: VMAN)

After having almost every brand imaginable release at least one campaign video to showcase their collections, magazines are stepping it up with meddling with motion editorials as well.

With the proliferation of online media where magazines are undoubtedly shifting their focus too, editorials are no longer just stunning images you flip through the magazines to admire. In this time and age, editorials are motion visuals that evoke emotions with aid of breathtaking cinematography and awesome soundtracks.

In the past week alone, three out of many visually captivating ‘fashion films’ (or so they are called) have caught my attention. From the sleek and austere depiction of athletes to the outrageously fun peek at the backstage of Frankie Morello, each had me intrigued by their unique take on the multi-faceted industry - fashion/

Who would have thought that rowing could be portrayed with such heightened sexuality and intensity? Enlisting models and professional athletes as well, photographer and director Sharif Hamza (in collaboration with NOWNESS) infused fashion sensibility into Olympian world of strength and masculinity. 

Keeping it sleek but fun is KULT Magazine's short film titled “Celebration”. Shot in black and white with stellar lighting, director Ramon J. Goni and Sasha D. Burdett injects fun and laughter into an otherwise dark and sensual video by having models jump around whilst ripping their clothes off. 

And of course, the addictive soundtrack that is still stuck in my head till now.

Lastly, we have Luca Finnoti’s outrageously fun and infectious film featuring the goofy models of Frankie Morello behind-the-scenes of the Spring/Summer 2012 runway show. Watching a bunch of guys making a fool of themselves yet somehow looking as gorgeous as ever, how could one possibly not adore this fun-filled video?

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Almost on a daily basis, fashion houses are taking turns to release new imagery for their Fall Winter 2011-201 Ad campaigns. All these when Summer officially started just 10 days ago, and Spring / Summer 2012 was just unveiled in Paris/Milan weeks ago. While some were just the usual fanfare of female models taking center-stage, others took the extra effort for a menswear exclusive campaign shot.

Aside from the Dsquared2 Fall Winter 2011-2012 Advertising Campaign featured yesterday, I decided to round-up a few of my favourites so far. Not exactly groundbreaking, yet for some reason they managed to pull my heartstrings and had me wanting more. From the dandy classics, quirky kinks to the slightly provocative, these are the few that stood out for me (Arranged in order of my liking, with the first being the one I adore the most):

1) Dolce & Gabbana

I have to admit, though simple and perhaps nothing different from any of their previous campaign ads, something about the

2) Versace

On the opposite spectrum of things, we have Sean O’Pry for Versace. Looking slightly androgynous yet exuding raw masculinity with the modest display of flesh, Versace opts for an edgy campaign that has Sean O’Pry looking all sultry and dominant. Definitely not something we see often in ad campaigns for menswear.

3) Givenchy

Talk about being eccentric, Givenchy has models take center stage for its Fall/Winter 2011 Advertising Campaign albeit with scowling faces that creeped me out a little when I first laid eyes on it. But you got to admit, it grows on you doesn’t it? Makes you wonder if this is what you will look like if the animalistic instinct within you acts up in rebellion. *purrrr*

4) D&G

Amidst all dark hues and gloomy vibes of Fall / Winter, D&G stands out simply for its audacious use of colours. It does help that one of my all-time favourite Asian models is one of the faces too - TAO. Tell me, what is not to love about this imagery? 

5) Lanvin

The depiction of the classic dandy from the 60s always has a place in my heart. Nothing fancy and over the top, sometimes it pays off to tone it down and keep it real simple. That explains why Lanvin manages to secure a place in the Top 5 of my favourite FW11-12 ad campaigns thus far.

6) Emporio Armani

Out of the seven stunning visuals revealed as part of Emporio Armani’s A/W11 Ad Campaign, the very first one had me intrigued. Almost immediately in my head, I pictured an urban gentleman walking along the streets of New York while snow befell on his trenchcoat, rushing home to be with his beloved partner/family. All that while looking extremely dapper and irresistible. 

Oh man, I don’t want this dream to end.

7) Jil Sander

Never once have I not liked Jil Sander’s collections and their ad campaigns, and this one is no exception. Kept real simple with minimal graphics and styling, the garments are left to speak for itself. No one does it just like Jil Sander, really.

8) Loewe

Lastly, we have Loewe. If only the men’s campaign visuals were as provocative as the women’s. Nonetheless, the suave spanish man got my attention.

This of course is just what I think of the Fall/Winter Ad campaigns I have seen so far. What about you? Care to share with me which is your favourite Fall / Winter advertising campaign thus far? 

Objectively approved by,

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With work duties piling up faster than I could clear them, school assignment deadlines looming ahead and a sprained neck to top it all off, I reckon some fun is called for to blow off some steam, relieve stress and take the load off my chest at least for one day. Seeing as immobility is an issue, I’ve decided to vicariously live through some ‘FUN’ moments right here on my blog.

Often seen expressionless or plastered with heaps of make-up where one becomes barely recognisable, models are always seen as being flawless and god-like when on the runway. But if you ask me, what charms me more is when I get to see the models being their silly selves off the runway.

After all, who would wanna date a drop-dead gorgeous guy who perpetually looks like he is on the runway but never smiles and lacks personality, right? Fine, maybe for some that might do. But hunni, it ain’t gonna work for me. 

Be it back stage or off stage, it’s just refreshing to see models comfortable with their own skin and goofing around like any other individual would. Now, that is what I call a truly drop dead gorgeous guy - one who exudes effortless charm even when shaving or with a comb in his hair. 

Casually approved by,

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I have an eye for all things wacky, and Walter Van Beirendonck certainly caught my attention with the myriad of whimsical apparels and over-the-top styling. For the Spring Summer 2012 Collection aptly entitled 'Cloud #9', Walter Van Beirendonck lets loose and celebrates a world without a tinge of sadness.

Packed with an extensive palette of electrifying hues - from oral, lavender, green, blue, yellow, pink, and orange - I can’t help but be reminded of the bubblegum pop era of the 90s filled with chirpy and colourful tunes that got stuck to your head relentlessly after the first listen. This collection was no different.

But if one observes and look pass the body paint and puffy hair (with a comb stuck in the middle), these suits are in fact impeccably tailored and functional to say the least. So it’s a little on the wild side, take a risk, that’s what fashion is about anyway. And if you are up to it, slip on these half-arm gloves guaranteed to have all eyes on you, regardless of the occasion. 

Now that I look at it, Walter Van Beirendonck does have some gorgeous trousers don’t you think? From neon orange baggy pants to slim-fit sky blue checkered pants, there is not one I wouldn’t love to have. I’m such a sucker for colors. 

But of course, Walter being Walter, he doesn’t stop at just sharp suits and vests. Bent on showcasing his creativity and innovation, things started to get interesting as models strutted down in shredded tees and tulle covered costumes. Impractical they may be, we can’t deny that Walter sure knows how to put on a spectacular show each time.

So what say you? Is Walter Van Beirendonck too whimsical for you? Or it’s a dandy look you would gladly embrace (shredded tees and tulle costumes not withstanding)?

I for one would LOVE to try on those suits. They look so yummy!

Chirpily approved by,

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I was instantly intrigued and hooked by the alluring simplicity and soft muted palettes (especially the striking yet toned down mustard yellow) when I set eyes on the lookbook of Spring Summer 2011 last year. What stood out from the collection in particular were the sleek high waisted pants and the flowy silhuoette of the tees.  

This year at Paris Men’s Fashion Week, Acne lived up to my expectations and rolled out a collection that elevated and heightened its standards while staying true to its Swedish roots.

Developing and expanding its signature soft muted palettes, Acne’s Spring Summer collection works its magic beyond tees and onto sharp tailored suits, knitted pullovers, and even jumping on the floral trend (of which I just did an entry about).

If you ask me, my favourite looks of the collection would have to be of the gorgeous suits of an unconventional hue and the green knitted sweater I so yearn to have.

Aside from the usual suspects of Men’s Fashion Week (from Prada, Burberry to Givenchy and McQueen), Acne is one of the few cult brands I actively googled for updates. Here’s a toast to Acne’s splendid collection for Spring Summer 2012, and I sure am looking forward for more surprises to come!

Sadly, I don’t think it’s available in Singapore, unless of course some multi-label boutique do bring them in. For now, we can only content ourselves with gettin them online.

For those interested, here’s a video of the runway show:

Addictively approved by,

I shall refrain myself from saying, “I TOLD YOU SO” because that’s just plain immature and childish. But it seems like Givenchy (along with Mugler) agrees with me that the ‘Half Shirt’ is set to be the new sartorial essential for men next year! But of course, Riccardo Tisci injects his unique flavour and vision into the line of apparels, making it upbeat, fresh and truly-Givenchy.

For Spring Summer 2012, Tisci ditches the dark and mysterious and celebrates the vibrancy of life with unabashed splashes of floral prints, crystals and sequins. Far from the whimsical explosion of colours one would expect with such a description, Tisci managed to pull in the reins and focused the collection based on four key hues - White, Green, Beige and Purple.

Personally, I’m in love with everything from that collection that is in pastel apple green hue. Definitely a colour that stands out from the rest and not what you will see on the streets of Singapore.

Given the 180 degree change from the dark animalistic Spring Summer 2011 collection to the jubilant collection for Spring Spring 2012, one thing remained constant - adrogyny. Afterall, isn’t that what true warriors wore centuries ago?   

Unabashedly approved by,

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It’s been a few months since I fell head over heels with Leebo Freeman, the bad boy model that swept me away with his non-chalant ways and that intensity in his eyes when he poses for the camera. I’m pretty sure my heart would skip several beats if he as much as shoots me one of his ‘hey gorgeous’ stares.

For the twelfth issue of Schon! Magazine, Leebo Freeman channels his inner gayness and sexed it up with fellow models, Sebastian Sauve and Nil Hoppenot.

There’s nothiing quite like staring at three straight man donned in colourful pops of neon hues posing for incredibly saucy and sensual pictures; yet looking all tough and masculine.

Now now, that’s what I call dandy! 

Sensually approved by,

(Credit: FTape)

From start to end, it’s evident that D&G’s Spring/Summer Collection 2012 is a jubilant celebration of denim an paisley. Model after model, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana unleashes upon us different interpretations of the two core elements in every way possible.

I have to admit, I’m not a huge fan of denim and I can very well do without a pair of jeans actually. Rugged chic is just not my style I guess. But if you know me, bright colours and bold prints are part of my ‘Fashion DNA’ so I’m intrigued by what D&G is offering for SS12.

First up, not a single garment escaped the invasion of paisley prints; from jackets, bombers, trousers, shirts to even shorts. All fabrics made from silk, the relaxed silhuoette seems to be a trend of Spring Summer 2012.

My favourite of the entire collection has got to be these exquisite and polished coats. I like to term these pieces as “showstoppers”, where you are bound to have heads turn when you enter a room.

Apart from the quintessential top-to-bottom denim ensemble, D&G pares down the manliness and ruggedness of denim with patches of paisley printed silk fabrics that no doubt ups the style ante of the outfit.

Conversative men notwithstanding, I am definitely hearing denim lovers rejoicing at the divine marriage of the best of both worlds.

With D&G’s unique twist to what have been a sartorial essential for as long as I can remember, I now see denim in a new light.

Boldly approved by,

(Credit: D&G)