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It was definitely my honor when the guys at Lilreddotfolks approached me to discussed about a possible feature on their fashion blog that showcases the “everyday folks rocking their personal styles” in the Lil’ Red Dot nation we call Singapore.

Short of sounding a little snobbish, I do believe that "Style transcends labels and no amount of luxury goods can ever replace it!" I might not be the most stylish individual in town, but I’m pretty sure you would agree that piling on labels doesn’t equate to style.

You can read more about the interview at Lilreddotfolks.

Now, whoever says Lilreddotfolks (ala SIngaporeans) only understand flip-flops and board shorts? But I have to agree, sometimes the weather is so ridiculously hot/humid that even I find it cumbersome to dress up only to end up soaked in sweat. 

(Credit: Lilreddotfolks)

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Though polo tees aren’t my first priority when it comes to selecting / pairing my outfits lately, I got to give Fred Perry credit for its Autumn Winter 2011 Origami Blank Canvas Collection that had me do a double take when I laid eyes on it. 

Apart from the obvious influences of Japanese origami - from the cherry blossoms, polka dots to the traditional Japanese fan, I’m actually more intrigued about the way the polo tees seem to frame one’s shoulder to make it look broader and wider. For someone who has ridiculously narrow shoulders, I would do anything for broader looking shoulders! 

Still kinda into the whole floral craze right now, it’s no surprise I’m lusting over the blue floral shirt. But of the two polos, I would definitely go for the one with the traditional Japanese fan print! Polka dots are too overrated, doncha think?

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Having fell off the grid over the past two weeks where my fashion cravings were substituted with daily doses of tv dramas, what greets me when I check back in is DSquared2’s Resort 2012 Menswear collection.

Though not a brand I usually embrace given my quirky fashion preferences, the opulent use of colour fused with DSquared2’s rugged chic style appealed to the innate masculinity I never knew I possessed. But of course, I’m not about to start stocking up on cargo pants and bomber jackets.

Check out the dandy pieces I think is the perfect concoction of ruggedness + fashion from DSquared2’s Resort 2012 Menswear Collection. Pay special attention to the gorgeous multi-hued jacket and incredibly sexy short shorts. On second thought, the sleek vest and shirt combo paired with a cargo shorts is absolutely dapper!

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(Credit: F.Tape)

Continued from previous entry…”four rather underrated labels have come to my attention with their unique takes on the modern dandy…”

I played it cool in PART ONE of this two-part entry with contemporary and slightly quirky classics by Surface to Air and Jonathan Saunders’ Spring Summer 2012 Collection.If you are one who doesn’t play by Fashion 101s and/or know no gender boundaries, now it’s time to risk it all and live on the edge with avant garde apparels by SixLee and Juun J. 

Part Two: Fashion Deconstructed

From oddly stylish half-cut suits to what looks like one-quarter of a sweater stitched to a sharp checkered suit, Six Lee’s imagination runs amok as he fuses the whimsical flair of one’s unconscious state of mind (dreams) into the sensibility of the real world. 

The must-have of the collection? I would pick the sleeveless suit. Not only is it the most practical of the lot (given the ridiculous heat waves during summer), it’s one that is edgy yet incredibly sleek and doesn’t look too far-fetched

With his models seemingly stepping out from a time machine, Juun J impresses with his futuristic vision fused with a tinge of inspiration from the 70s. From the crafty cape-like vest and lopsided U-shaped shirt; right down to the pentagon-shaped footwear, I admit this is not a style many can handle.

One might end up like a clown with just one tiny mistake in the entire outfit, much like my Harry Potter inspired ensemble. But if you are up for it, ready yourself to be the centre of attention because I’m pretty damn sure you will be. At least in the Singapore context. 

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Having written about the classic 60s suits by Banana Republic, bold work attires of neon hues and fashion forward interpretations of the dapper gentlemen’s sartorial style by the likes of Acne, Givenchy and Vivienne Westwood for Spring Summer 2012, four rather underrated labels have come to my attention with their unique takes on the modern dandy. 

In this two-part entry, we have on one extreme two contemporary labels that offer chic and elegant apparels albeit with a modern twist; while on the other, two innovative labels that pushes the limits with edgy and unconventional garbs for the bona fide fashionista. 

Part One: The Contemporary Dandy

Exuding a casual and laid-back vibe, Surface To Air’s Spring Summer 2012 collection finds inspiration in the relaxation and tranquility of summer days. From earthy khaki-brown hues to pops of orange, red and blue, the collection offers a wide variation of apparels that can see through the day from work to leisure. For a man who loves to keep it simple, you have your answer.

On the other hand, if you are man who is up for some quirky twists to the classic shirt and pants combo you adorn everyday, try Jonathan Saunders’ Spring Summer 2012 Collection. Live a little and embrace bold prints toned down by its muted hues and clean tailored lines. I for one am digging the half-gradient shirts and especially the neon-blue suit.

Stay tuned for the second-half of this two-part entry.

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There is inevitably no right and wrong in fashion. A style that works for one might just be a complete trainwreck when tried on another individual, and no, that is not a bad thing at all.

Just like in my office, five contrasting personalities make for five distinct styles that define their personalities. In my opinion, empowerment is the deciding factor of the style that you choose to adopt. If it fails to empower and instead instils insecurity, ditch it and adopt a new style.

Life is too short to have it spent feeling like crap.

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What you see is basically what you get. That’s just me in a nutshell.

I would really love to say I’m dandy, but I guess that’s up to you to decide. I don’t wanna sound like some self-absorbed bitch who thinks I’m fashionable. But I would love to be.

The wonderful colleagues that makes me look forward to each day at work. Without them, work is nothing but mundane.

PS: Especially for foreigners reading the blog, you might think what I’m wearing is a common sight in your country, but you could have never guessed the number of stares I got with that outfit. Plenty.

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Casual, laidback yet with a tinge of playfulness (Ciao, Bella?!); ala the subtle colour blocking Zara has going on in the offerings for this month’s lookbook. As with all summer sartorial staples, all is kept light and breezy; from distressed denim jeans, cotton pants, linen shorts to the essential lightweight blazer. 

Personally, I’m loving the floral short-sleeved T-shirt you can see below. What are your picks? I sure hope to find these at Zara outlets in Singapore. 

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Mr. Dandy

(via 365HOMME)