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Casual yet luxurious, I’m digging the various prints used for the collection! Most of the time, prints tend to either make you look fashion forward, flamboyant or just plain tacky. Seldom do you see the use of elegant prints for such an understated collection fit for the modern dapper gentlemen, stylish but not too fashion forward. But in the case of James Long’s Spring Summer 2012 Collection, everything just seems so easy and casual without being over the top, even with print-on-print pairings.

I for one am bidding color blocking goodbye and saying hello to prints in 2012!

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Skinny Fit

As a skinny tall guy who never seems to get fat (Yes, I can already hear people cursing at my complaint), I have over the years accepted my small lengthy frame and made it work. So while the guys flaunt their manly ‘blown-up’ chest and beautifully sculpted abs, I’m contented with my lean frame that I just wish was a little more muscular.

All I wanna be is Skinny Fit. And below is what I call the ‘Fit’ Fit.

‘Fit’ Fit

Credit: Conquistador Spring Summer 2012

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Kudos to Another Magazine for this wonderful illustration of the Miu Miu Spring / Summer 2012 Runway show that had me chuckling nonstop like a kid on sugar high. Before you knew it, I was subconsciously humming to the familiar tune that was unquestionably one of the biggest hits in the 90s.

And yes, it feels like just yesterday that I spent an hour in front of the mirror perfecting the ‘center parting’ (otherwise commonly known as the curtain hairstyle) that had to be straight, flat, and symmetrically equally on both sides.

I always knew the 90s will make a comeback, I just didn’t expect it to be so soon. And by Miuccia Prada no lest.

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Continued from previous entry…”four rather underrated labels have come to my attention with their unique takes on the modern dandy…”

I played it cool in PART ONE of this two-part entry with contemporary and slightly quirky classics by Surface to Air and Jonathan Saunders’ Spring Summer 2012 Collection.If you are one who doesn’t play by Fashion 101s and/or know no gender boundaries, now it’s time to risk it all and live on the edge with avant garde apparels by SixLee and Juun J. 

Part Two: Fashion Deconstructed

From oddly stylish half-cut suits to what looks like one-quarter of a sweater stitched to a sharp checkered suit, Six Lee’s imagination runs amok as he fuses the whimsical flair of one’s unconscious state of mind (dreams) into the sensibility of the real world. 

The must-have of the collection? I would pick the sleeveless suit. Not only is it the most practical of the lot (given the ridiculous heat waves during summer), it’s one that is edgy yet incredibly sleek and doesn’t look too far-fetched

With his models seemingly stepping out from a time machine, Juun J impresses with his futuristic vision fused with a tinge of inspiration from the 70s. From the crafty cape-like vest and lopsided U-shaped shirt; right down to the pentagon-shaped footwear, I admit this is not a style many can handle.

One might end up like a clown with just one tiny mistake in the entire outfit, much like my Harry Potter inspired ensemble. But if you are up for it, ready yourself to be the centre of attention because I’m pretty damn sure you will be. At least in the Singapore context. 

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Having written about the classic 60s suits by Banana Republic, bold work attires of neon hues and fashion forward interpretations of the dapper gentlemen’s sartorial style by the likes of Acne, Givenchy and Vivienne Westwood for Spring Summer 2012, four rather underrated labels have come to my attention with their unique takes on the modern dandy. 

In this two-part entry, we have on one extreme two contemporary labels that offer chic and elegant apparels albeit with a modern twist; while on the other, two innovative labels that pushes the limits with edgy and unconventional garbs for the bona fide fashionista. 

Part One: The Contemporary Dandy

Exuding a casual and laid-back vibe, Surface To Air’s Spring Summer 2012 collection finds inspiration in the relaxation and tranquility of summer days. From earthy khaki-brown hues to pops of orange, red and blue, the collection offers a wide variation of apparels that can see through the day from work to leisure. For a man who loves to keep it simple, you have your answer.

On the other hand, if you are man who is up for some quirky twists to the classic shirt and pants combo you adorn everyday, try Jonathan Saunders’ Spring Summer 2012 Collection. Live a little and embrace bold prints toned down by its muted hues and clean tailored lines. I for one am digging the half-gradient shirts and especially the neon-blue suit.

Stay tuned for the second-half of this two-part entry.

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I have an eye for all things wacky, and Walter Van Beirendonck certainly caught my attention with the myriad of whimsical apparels and over-the-top styling. For the Spring Summer 2012 Collection aptly entitled 'Cloud #9', Walter Van Beirendonck lets loose and celebrates a world without a tinge of sadness.

Packed with an extensive palette of electrifying hues - from oral, lavender, green, blue, yellow, pink, and orange - I can’t help but be reminded of the bubblegum pop era of the 90s filled with chirpy and colourful tunes that got stuck to your head relentlessly after the first listen. This collection was no different.

But if one observes and look pass the body paint and puffy hair (with a comb stuck in the middle), these suits are in fact impeccably tailored and functional to say the least. So it’s a little on the wild side, take a risk, that’s what fashion is about anyway. And if you are up to it, slip on these half-arm gloves guaranteed to have all eyes on you, regardless of the occasion. 

Now that I look at it, Walter Van Beirendonck does have some gorgeous trousers don’t you think? From neon orange baggy pants to slim-fit sky blue checkered pants, there is not one I wouldn’t love to have. I’m such a sucker for colors. 

But of course, Walter being Walter, he doesn’t stop at just sharp suits and vests. Bent on showcasing his creativity and innovation, things started to get interesting as models strutted down in shredded tees and tulle covered costumes. Impractical they may be, we can’t deny that Walter sure knows how to put on a spectacular show each time.

So what say you? Is Walter Van Beirendonck too whimsical for you? Or it’s a dandy look you would gladly embrace (shredded tees and tulle costumes not withstanding)?

I for one would LOVE to try on those suits. They look so yummy!

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I was instantly intrigued and hooked by the alluring simplicity and soft muted palettes (especially the striking yet toned down mustard yellow) when I set eyes on the lookbook of Spring Summer 2011 last year. What stood out from the collection in particular were the sleek high waisted pants and the flowy silhuoette of the tees.  

This year at Paris Men’s Fashion Week, Acne lived up to my expectations and rolled out a collection that elevated and heightened its standards while staying true to its Swedish roots.

Developing and expanding its signature soft muted palettes, Acne’s Spring Summer collection works its magic beyond tees and onto sharp tailored suits, knitted pullovers, and even jumping on the floral trend (of which I just did an entry about).

If you ask me, my favourite looks of the collection would have to be of the gorgeous suits of an unconventional hue and the green knitted sweater I so yearn to have.

Aside from the usual suspects of Men’s Fashion Week (from Prada, Burberry to Givenchy and McQueen), Acne is one of the few cult brands I actively googled for updates. Here’s a toast to Acne’s splendid collection for Spring Summer 2012, and I sure am looking forward for more surprises to come!

Sadly, I don’t think it’s available in Singapore, unless of course some multi-label boutique do bring them in. For now, we can only content ourselves with gettin them online.

For those interested, here’s a video of the runway show:

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I shall refrain myself from saying, “I TOLD YOU SO” because that’s just plain immature and childish. But it seems like Givenchy (along with Mugler) agrees with me that the ‘Half Shirt’ is set to be the new sartorial essential for men next year! But of course, Riccardo Tisci injects his unique flavour and vision into the line of apparels, making it upbeat, fresh and truly-Givenchy.

For Spring Summer 2012, Tisci ditches the dark and mysterious and celebrates the vibrancy of life with unabashed splashes of floral prints, crystals and sequins. Far from the whimsical explosion of colours one would expect with such a description, Tisci managed to pull in the reins and focused the collection based on four key hues - White, Green, Beige and Purple.

Personally, I’m in love with everything from that collection that is in pastel apple green hue. Definitely a colour that stands out from the rest and not what you will see on the streets of Singapore.

Given the 180 degree change from the dark animalistic Spring Summer 2011 collection to the jubilant collection for Spring Spring 2012, one thing remained constant - adrogyny. Afterall, isn’t that what true warriors wore centuries ago?   

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Alexander McQueen is all about 60s English-Rock madness as Sarah Burton loosens the silhouettes and proportions for the Spring Summer 2012 collection, her third since the demise of its eponymous creator. From bold candy-red stripes to luxe suede fabrics and floral prints, it’s one hell of a rocker’s wardrobe if you ask me. 

Recently into the whole high-waisted look, I’m totally digging the bold red striped range of apparels, from the shirt, pants to even the finely tailored jacket. That aside, I can probably make space in my wardrobe for the low V-neck cardigan-shirt as well. I mean, why not?

What I probably won’t be getting is the 'Burning Blazer'. Interesting, yes. For a bona fide rocker, yes. For me, nah, I wil pass.

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If the two-part ‘Brothers of Arcadia’ was any indication, creative director Nicola Formichetti and designer Romain Kremer is all about worshipping the masculinity and dominance of ‘THE MAN’

Kickstarting the show and setting the tone of the show was the idealistic stereotype of ‘THE MAN’ - a bared-torsoed greek god clad in shiny gold armour. With the entire set illuminated with green lights, different classes of masculine men took turns to grace the runway; from Greek gods, muscle-bound frat boys, tattooed punks, to sylph-ish male models; all of whom are often spattered in glitter.

From the sleek interpretations of modern suits, injection of intriguing twists to the downright bizarre and slightly wacky, Mugler’s Spring Summer 2012 Collection seems to have it all. I’ve decided to have some fun and show you how Mugler dons the definitive man in shirt-dresses (at least that’s what I choose to call them), and slowly shortens them into suits, half suits, one-quarter shirts and lastly, trunks.

My personal favourite? The neon green shirt with the V shape finish. That is definitely how I want to make an entrance. Bam, and no one can miss me. 

To top it off, Mugler collaborates with UK shoe brand Underground and re-interpretes the classic pointed brothel creeper shape and presents it in multiple variations. I’m not so sure yet, but I might just grow to like it.

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