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The Very Best of Versace for H&M Campaign Video I love you girl, but every time I look at Donatella, she still scares me a little. Whimsical, quirky and hinging a little on freaky, but I kinda like the eccentricity of it. Lanvin x H&M’s campaign video still wins hands down though. Skeptically approved by,


"Everyone needs a pink suit right, I mean who doesn’t!", exclaimed my friend. That was her first reaction when she set eyes on the Versace x H&M Collection in the newspapers today. And I wondered, would I really want a pink suit if it wasn’t because it’s labelled "Versace x H&M"? 

For me, I actually did. In fact, I was practically scouring the web for the puurfect pink suit to adorn for my friend’s wedding, but the impracticality of it pulled me away in the end. That said, I’m pretty sure many have their eyes on this gorgeous hot pink suit simply because of its label and before this, it never crossed their minds that ‘Hey, a pink suit’s actually quite dapper!’  With that comes the phenomenal where you are swamped by a cloud of ‘pink people’ (no pun intended) on the streets of Singapore all donned in this same suit just because it’s Versace x H&M. 

That is one huge reason why I’m resisting really hard not to fall prey to temptation even though I really adore this monochromatic graphic shirt. Seeing the number of tweets and FB statuses going “OMG, this is love!!”, “I’m soo gonna get this” just makes me wonder if I’m the only one afraid of being caught wearing the same thing as three other guys on the streets. 

Then again, these are some really exquisite apparels with Versace’s signature style and design aesthetics. Has Versace x H&M convinced you enough to get your hands on the collection knowing that the chances of meeting someone with the same apparel is as high as 75%? Or is your strategy going to be just buying the not so iconic/recognizable yet sleek pieces from the collection?

Well, I definitely have yet decided mine. 

Practically approved by,